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If you’re looking for an experienced small business attorney, then you’ve come to the right place!

According to the U.S Small Business Administration, small businesses generate 44% of the country’s economic activity. That’s a lot of small businesses. In fact, small businesses are often considered the backbone of the economy, as they support a large percentage of the goods and services that make the nation go round. This means that the area of business law covers a lot of ground, as establishing a business entity requires some guidance and understanding of the legalities of establishing a for-profit enterprise. It’s why Kecskes, Gadd & Parker take a variety of cases that deal with business and business dealings. KGP Law has the area’s best-known small business attorneys ready to help your case.

Business Law Basics — How Do I Know if I Need Legal Representation?

Business law deals with a wide spectrum of legal documents and contracts. The basis of business law begins with the idea that businesses, like people, are independent entities functioning within a market. This means that they are subject to legal rules that are designed to keep things functioning properly and ensure fair play for all.

Our attorneys have studied the complex world of business for many years and understand how to best fight for your case and situation.

In today’s world, business contracts have become more and more important, as verbal contracts are not as common or accepted by any court of law. If you made a business deal with someone and they have broken the agreement, a business contract will protect both parties.

There are also business agreements, which are not exactly the same to business contracts. Our qualified attorneys could further clarify the difference between these two terms often used interchangeably. An agreement is a type of ‘mutual understanding’ while a contract creates obligations that are enforceable.

There are a couple of instances when you might be in need of a business law attorney. Here are some of the scenarios that might require this type of legal help:

  • Starting a business/partnership/LLC
  • Dissolving a business/partnership/LLC
  • Breach of business contract
  • Partnership disputes

If you are thinking about starting a small business or are already the owner of a small company, our small business attorneys will know how to guide you towards ensuring that you are operating legally and in compliance with all regulations. Over time, you are likely to deal with legal details or run into questions about how to proceed legally and we are there to help. In the event that your business deals with a lawsuit, we are also there to make sure you can rightfully defend yourself, your profits, and what you have built with all your hard work.

State Laws that Pertain to Michigan Business and Business Owners

Like all other states, Michigan has particular laws that pertain to starting a business within its borders. As your small business attorney, we will go over all of this with you. Our experienced business lawyers will know the ins and outs of the state’s regulation when it comes to a variety of businesses and industries. It’s not that different from other states but some of the biggest differences might include parts of the process. In a nutshell, starting a business in Michigan might follow the following process:

  • Selection of a business idea and conducting market research, with a closer look at the competition, customers, and market.
  • Then, you start up a cost analysis.
  • Write a business plan and come up with a business name.
  • Register the Business
    • File a DBA
    • Form an LLC
    • Incorporate
  • Obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number for tax purposes and registration with the IRS.
  • Open bank accounts and credit cards for the business
  • Obtain licenses and permits (this part can get confusing depending on the kind of business you’re running.)
  • Keep the annual and ongoing requirements current

A Quick Look at Michigan as a State to Do Business

According to Michigan’s small business profile, as conducted by the U.S Small Business Administration, there are 856,352 small businesses operating in the state. The same report stated that these small businesses employed 1.8 million people or 50% of the private workforce in 2013. The number of proprietors increased in 2014 by 1. 4% as compared to the previous year.

A Few of the Common Business-Related Cases We Handle

KGP Law can handle a variety of business law cases. Some of the cases we see most often include:

  • Corporation Formation
  • Drafting & Operating
  • Buying/Selling Businesses
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Asset Sales/Purchases
  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation
  • Partnership Agreements

The KGP Law Difference & How We Excel at Business Law Cases

We treat every case with the same level of scrutiny and care. We want to make sure that whether you are starting a business, selling a business, or dissolving one, that we are covering every necessary aspect of your case. Our experienced business attorney will ensure that you receive a free consultation and get the attention you deserve.

Get Business Started With the Right Business Attorney

You put a lot of work in your business. When it comes time to incorporate or form that LLC you’ve been working towards, it’s important to do it correctly and not miss any steps. Get the right small business attorney and call us for a free consultation. We’ll get started with your case. Whether you are buying a business, selling a business, working partnership agreements, or seeking compensation over a breach of contract, our trusted attorneys will help you through. Call us today at 734-354-8600.