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Obtaining a Divorce in the State of Michigan

Every state has its own set of laws that pertain to family-related cases. Some may be similar, others a little different. The state of Michigan provides no-fault ground for divorce. To file for divorce in Michigan, for example, one of the spouses must have resided in the state for 180 days prior and within the county where the action will be filed for 10 days immediately before filing. The few exceptions to this might include if the defendant is not a citizen of the United States, the parties have minor children, or the minor children might be at risk of being taken out of the U.S.

Here are some details about divorce cases in Michigan. When someone files for a divorce, they are known as the plaintiff. The person responding to the filing is called the Defendant. There is also a waiting period before a divorce will be granted. If the couple has minor children, the waiting period is six months; if there are no minor children, then the waiting period might be about 60 days.

Legal Grounds for Divorce in the State — When Are You Able to File for Divorce

Again, just like most other family law rulings, divorce has a certain set of rules that apply. The court will rule for a divorce when the breakdown of the marriage relationship is irreparable and has broken the objects for matrimony.

Then there is the issue of property division. When a couple separates, any property they share will now be contested. As your divorce lawyers, we will assist you in determining a fair and appropriate valuation of marital assets and help with resolving issues. It is important for us to ensure that you are getting a just division of your assets and properties during the dissolving of the marriage.

Types of Divorce — The Ways to Dissolve a Marriage

There are several different ways that a couple can dissolve a marriage. These three major ways include:

Divorce (Contested or Uncontested):

A divorce is a complete dissolving of the matrimony under the court and the jurisdiction of the state.


An annulment can be sought if the marriage falls under certain categories or circumstances that the state of Michigan will consider void. These might include when one of the parties was underage, or one of the party’s consent was obtained by force, for example.

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