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Our attorneys work around the clock to ensure that every case leaves no stone unturned. We’re passionate about helping people navigate the complexities of the justice system and feel they have someone in their corner. Our attorneys handle a wide variety of lawsuits and cases. Our head attorneys consist of Keith J. Kecskes, Lawrence S. Gadd, and Penny A. Parker.


Keith J. Kecskes

Tel: 734-354-8600

Keith J. Kecskes is a founding partner of the firm and has more than 20 years in practice. He has gained extensive litigation experience in banking, real estate, corporate law, construction, insurance defense, personal injury, and more. During his time in real estate law, Mr. Kecskes has represented everyone from builders, developers, commercial construction companies and insurance restoration contractors, to homeowners. Mr. Kecskes has clerked for the Chief Justice of the Oakland County District Court. In 1999, he began his own firm which eventually laid the foundations for Kecskes, Gadd & Parker, PC. Read his full bio here.

Lawrence S. Gadd

Tel: 734-354-8600

Lawrence S. Gadd is also a founding partner of the firm. An attorney with over 20 years experience in different areas of law including complex commercial litigation, employment, construction, and real estate litigation. Lawrence practices throughout the state of Michigan and has enjoyed substantial success handling complex commercial and employment matters in both State and Federal courts. Read his full bio here.

Penny Parker

Tel: 734-354-8600

Penny Parker was inspired as a child to become a family lawyer; after witnessing her parents divorce and the not-so-ethical behavior of some family law attorneys, she set out to pursue a career in law so that she could help people like her parents navigate the complex legal systems. She worked with a private firm for seven years and focused on insurance defense. Eventually, her concentration became family law and general civil litigation. Today, she is an active family lawyer that helps families solve difficult disputes in a court of law. Read her full bio here.

The Kecskes, Gadd & Parker, PC Difference — Why We Stand Out From The Rest

There is no shortage of law firms in Michigan. And yet, we offer something that is rare in today’s fast paced digital world: we offer our time and undivided attention. When you come to us for help we are happy to lend and ear and listen to your case. It’s why we offer free initial consultations. We want to hear the details of your case so we can make sure to assist you in the best way possible.

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As a powerful three-lawyer partnership, our ability to hear and defend a variety of cases covers a wide spectrum of legal territory. Some of the main areas of law that we practice include:


Business Law

Creating a new business comes with its fair share of challenges. Some of those challenges include dealing with the legalities of the creation of a new business and other areas that might interact with business dealings including breach of contract cases, setting up an LLC, and a dissolution of the same.


Family Law

When it comes to marriage disputes and children, we know things can get tough. This area of law deals with family matters and domestic relations and disputes. It includes cases like divorce, child custody, custodial arrangements, restraining orders, etc.


Criminal Law

If you find yourself embroiled in criminal charges, it’s not a time to settle for subpar legal advice. This is a body of law that applies to criminal acts. This area of the law includes misdemeanors and felonies and might include acts like theft, violence, manslaughter, etc.

KGP practices construction law

Construction Law

Whether you are an independent contractor or private company, construction projects have their fair share of legal intricacies. This area of law deals with contract law and covers aspects of construction including the initial bidding, negotiation, and formation of contracts.


Insurance Defense Law

Insurance companies are simply a part of adult life. This area of law falls under the civil law category and includes automotive negligence, premises liability, employment, dram shop and coverage issues.


Employment Law

We want to make sure that your employer is following the law and treating everyone equally. This area of law deals with the employer-employee relationships and includes the rights, responsibilities, and obligations within. This includes from wages to workplace discrimination.


Banking and Finance Law

This area of law addresses the organization, ownership, and operation of banks, and depository institutions that are regulated or licensed by state of federal banking regulators. We advise both lenders and borrowers on a full array of banking matters regarding loan documentation and origination, workouts, forbearance agreements, and more.


  • Relationships with our clients are key.
    We actively listen to understand your issues which enables us to determine how we can help. We understand the value of your time and business. We tailor our approach to fit you and your personal and business needs which is the basis from which we build and maintain our business relationships.
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  • Our offices and staff are welcoming.
    Every person in our organization plays a key role. You will find that our experienced staff is friendly, detail-oriented and happy to assist you. Our offices are easily accessible, comfortable and available for you to come in and consult with us.
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  • We have highly skilled attorney talent.
    A skilled attorney can make a critical difference in your case. This can mean the difference between a desired outcome and one you feel you cannot live with. Let us assist you in navigating through your case, leveraging your rights and obtaining the best outcome possible.
    KGP Law 3
  • We make it our goal to become your trusted advisor.
    Your concerns matter to us. We want to be your trusted advisor for complex business matters and personal life issues. We will take the time to fully explain the legal process and identify your options so you can make well-informed decisions with regard to your legal matter. We will keep you advised of new developments, offer timely solutions and provide answers to any concerns you have.
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  • Several locations for easier access.
    Our main office is located in downtown Plymouth, Michigan, where we are committed to the community and its many service organizations, we have regional reach representing closely held businesses as well as publicly traded companies. We look forward to helping you!
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  • My wife and I were entangled in an out of state real estate transaction that went horribly bad; I spent nearly two years explaining the situation and got absolutely nowhere. It wasn’t until we hired KGP that things started to move. They took over all the dealings with the bank, kept us informed and updated constantly and got the whole mess untangled and finished in about 10 months. I have no doubt that without them we’d still be in the mire going around in circles! Thank you KGP LAW!

    - Paul and Kirsten Heffernan
    Paul and Kirsten Heffernan
  • Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the service that I have received. Both Penny and Keith have worked diligently on my family law case. I've had other attorneys from other law firms in the past and I must say that Penny and Keith’s expertise, compassion and honesty have surpassed what I’ve previously experienced. They have returned all my calls, text & e-mails promptly(even after hours & on weekends!) with answers to my questions and concerns. They have both been my strength and my support while going through this very difficult time. I can't thank them enough. I will highly recommend KGP to all my family and friends. This is a law firm that will give it their all when it comes to your rights and the law.

    - Kathy Priami
    Kathy Priami
  • I met Keith, Penny and the staff during my divorce. They are some of the greatest people I will ever meet in my life. They took the time to understand my personal pain and took the loss of my family personally. They not only represented me legally through my divorce, they also gave me guidance and support that only friends and family who truly cared about you could. Penny, Keith and the staff have strong family values and always put the best interest of my girls first which I cannot thank them for enough. It was one of the lowest times in my life and I am so thankful they were there for us when we needed them.

    - John McLaughlin
    John McLaughlin


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General Civil Litigation

General civil litigation simply refers to cases that deal in the civil arena and excludes any kind of criminal activity. When it comes to specific cases, there are simply too many to mention. Our attorneys have had considerable success in a variety of areas including family law, insurance law, and real estate law. Some of the frequent cases we deal with include:

  • Divorce: This is a type of family law case that involves the legal separation of dissolving of a marriage.
  • Child Custody: A child custody case is a type of family law matter that disputes the custody of a minor child.
  • Child Support: When a marriage is dissolved and there is shared custody, one party might be obligated to pay child support. These cases deal with the financial agreement.
  • DUI: When a motorist operates a vehicle under the influence or when impaired by the effects of alcohol or other drugs including prescription medications.
  • Commercial Litigation: All commercial litigation deals with the arena of business, corporate/business transactions, formation, contract negotiations, contract drafting and bankruptcy. We represent buyers, sellers in sales transactions, sales of stock, mergers, acquisitions, and in complicated transactional matters. We also assist with business formation and transactions, litigation, non-disclosure, non-compete agreements, labor and employment law, real estate developments, employee benefits and more.
  • Personal Injury: This is a type of civil law that deals with plaintiffs that allege physical or emotional injury as a result of the negligence or careless act of another person or entity.
  • Wills, Estates, and Trusts: We help individuals and families plan for the transfer of their wealth, the care of their loved ones, and protection of their assets during their lifetime and beyond.
  • Real Estate: This area of law can deal with real estate transactions, landlord-tenant issue and condominium law. In addition we can represent companies with new sites, real estate developers, real estate owners and lenders, as well as real estate operators and managers.

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So, whether you are dealing with a divorce or have been discriminated at work or looking to start a new business, Kecskes, Gadd & Parker, PC is here to help. Let us guide you through the complex legal world. Give us a call at 734-354-8600.