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Just like any lawsuit or family law case, child support cases can get complicated. Having a child support attorney work on your case, you will receive a fair and just arrangement for your child support. Here Kecskes, Gadd & Parker, PC, we cover all grounds and take everything into consideration. We factor the amount of alimony into the final support order. Whether you are the parent with sole custody or you and the other parent share custody, it is very likely that you will have to deal with child support payments. With our help, we will make sure this process is done fairly and in full disclosure.

Child support refers to the amount of money the court orders one parent to pay the other for the costs of raising the child. Michigan state law uses the Michigan Child Support Formula to calculate this amount. As your child support attorney in Michigan, we know the state’s law and we will work to get you a fair arrangement.

A Quick Overview of Child Support in the State of Michigan

Parents in Michigan, just like in most states, have a legal responsibility to provide financially for their children. This is true and enforceable regardless of how much contact the parent actually has with the child. Usually, a parent cannot escape their financial responsibility even if they relinquish visitation or custody rights. Under Michigan law, for example, a man is presumed to be the legal father of a child if they were married to the mother when the child was born or conceived. If a man doubts his paternity, he must petition the court for a paternity test.

The Michigan Child Support Formula —Understanding the Basics

Different states might have different ways of calculating child support. Sometimes a case might have to factor in alimony, other settlements, claims, etc. Our child support attorneys will help you figure out the best arrangement for you and your circumstances. In Michigan state, instead of doing it on a case by case basis, the FOC and the court personnel use a specific formula. The information is available to the public via the Department of Health and Human Services. The formula essentially factors in different variables and comes up with a number. Some of the variables that are considered include:

  • The income of each parent including wages, overtime, commissions, bonuses, and all other types of income
  • Any other income received. For example, social security or other state benefits
  • Tax deductions that might reduce the parent’s spendable income.
  • Number of children in question
  • Deductions for other biological children and other payments they may be making
  • Tax filing status
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Actual childcare costs per month
  • Time schedules of each parent

Choose a Qualified and Accomplished Child Support Attorney

Our child support attorneys and legal team are ready to help you in your family law case. Our law firm is diverse and talented in all areas of family matters. Whether you are dealing with child support for the first time or attempting to change the settlement or child support order, then we are here to provide you with personal and quality service. At our law firm, you’ll be able to talk one-on-one with your attorney while having a full legal paralegal team assisting with your case. Whether you are going through a divorce or fighting custody, you’ll likely have to talk about child support with the court. We’re here to look at all aspects of your case and find the best possible outcome for you, your child, and your loved ones.

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In these instances, it’s crucial for you to hire a child support attorney who will fight for your rights and for a fair arrangement. Our attorneys have vast experience in all types of child support cases and complex family matters. Ms. Penny Parker specializes in all aspects of family law and civil litigation. Give our office a call, get your free consultation, and let us help you get a fair deal.