Real estate attorney discusses contract with his client to help him understand his purchases and lease information.

Real estate attorneys work in the realm of—you guessed it—real estate transactions like purchases, leases, inspections, and appraisals. Every state, of course, has its varying laws regarding real estate and land that is being bought, sold, or in a dispute. These laws will also affect homeowners and property owners but also concern landlord-tenant situations. There are many reasons and situations that may warrant the legal counsel of a real estate attorney, anything from evicting tenants to structural problems with property and more. Many property buyers or sellers will find themselves in the midst of a sticky situation, unsure how to proceed. 

So when do you need a real estate lawyer? The answer is not always clear cut, as it depends on the particular circumstances, laws, and more. Here are some common situations, however, where you’ll greatly benefit from the professional legal counsel of a real estate attorney. 

1) A complex or unique situation

If any of the following issues arise during a real estate transaction, it might mean that the case is far more complicated. This refers to anything that has to do with oil and gas rights, Riparian rights, beachfront properties, adverse possession claim, historical property, preserved property, zoning or land use disputes. Usually, any transaction that sees any of the above emerge, requires some knowledge of the nuanced laws and regulations in order to successfully make these transactions. 

2) A high-value transaction

If you are looking to purchase property that’s higher up on the value scale, then a real estate attorney can ensure that everything goes right. If you are making a big investment, then working with an experienced attorney will be of great value, as buyers should ensure that the property is in prime shape by conducting a thorough and trusted home inspection. These are some of the things your attorney will ensure are properly handled.

3) If you’re starting a business

If you are starting a business or expanding your business and it involves property, you want to make sure that you have the proper permits and are meeting all the legal requirements for your commercial building. 

4) If you are purchasing a property and run into trouble

If you are making some kind of real estate transaction and you run into unforeseen circumstances or a bit of hiccup, then an attorney will guide you through it. These might include:

  • You’re not a resident of the state in which you’re purchasing 
  • The property has physical damages
  • You encounter something illegal on the property
  • The land you’re purchasing is owned by the bank
  • You have to evict tenants
  • There is a need to back out of a contract 
  • There is a title problem or problem with paperwork and title

5) If you are selling property and have a special circumstance and/or issue that needs to be resolved including:

  • The land you are selling belonged to a deceased person/relative
  • The property has known structural problems 
  • You’re in foreclosure
  • You have a history of property liens 

Hire With Confidence and Make the Transaction Easy

The ins and outs of real estate law can get complicated. Here at Kecskes, Gadd & Parker, PC, we have experienced real estate lawyers. We’re here to guide you through it so that your transaction (either selling or buying) goes through successfully and following all necessary requirements. Give us a call today and tell us more about how we can help you.

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